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15th Dec 2017

8 Of The Most Hilarious Irish Christmas Gifts You Can Buy Online

James Fenton

With just about a week until Christmas, if you haven’t bought any presents yet then it’s officially time to panic. 

Finished? Okay. Take a deep breath and remember that in the era of the internet and what have ya, you don’t even have to leave your house to do any shopping. Most of the presents you can buy are available at the click of a button. 

There are loads of small Irish companies who are just waiting to have the whole family in stitches on Christmas Day with these hilarious gifts.

Take your pick.

1. This Dublin Tote Bag

You can’t get more Dub than this. Available for €9.50 at Bleedin’ bargain. 

Screen Shot 2017 12 15 At 14 22 13

2. This explicit notebook

Tell your annoying sibling exactly what you think of them with this gem from The Dirtbird. Well worth the €9 and once they get past the front cover they’ll find it pretty useful.

Screen Shot 2017 12 15 At 14 24 05

3. This personalised whiskey glass 

It’s always five o’clock somewhere so why not have a whiskey? Get your loved one’s name on one from for only €14.95

Screen Shot 2017 12 15 At 14 26 25

4. This Bosco t-shirt and mug 

Everyone’s favourite puppet on your family’s favourite muppet. They’ll be the coolest person at Christmas dinner drinking from this Bosco mug. €32 for both on Hairy Baby.

Screen Shot 2017 12 15 At 14 29 28

5. ‘Shnakey pints’ hoodie and t-shirt 

The ‘shnakey pint’ lover in your life will be the most popular person in the pub with this gear available for €46 on Hairy Baby

Screen Shot 2017 12 15 At 14 31 43

6. This brilliant Irish pun jumper

Look at the smile on this woman’s face. You can replicate it for €21.85 on

Screen Shot 2017 12 15 At 14 34 30

7. A Father Ted ‘fake hands’ t-shirt

If you aren’t familiar with this gas scene starring Jason Byrne then you’ve a lot of catching up to do. This tee is yours for €24.50 on Hairy Baby.

Screen Shot 2017 12 15 At 14 37 24

8. Finally, and our favourite, this ‘cop on to yourself’ geansaí

We all utter this expression at least once a day (mostly under our breath). Make someone’s day for €45 on

Screen Shot 2017 12 15 At 14 39 28

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