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11 Things You Quickly Learn When You Move In With Your Other Half

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So. You’ve gotten through the first date, meeting her brother and the first hollier away together.

Things are going good. So good, in fact, that you make the bold move to stop stressing over whether you’ve clean socks in their place and where to spend Saturday nights and just get your own gaff together.

No more sleeping alone! No more meals for one!

Oh how naive you were. Anyone who’s lived with their other half for longer than one week will know that there’s a few things you soon find out…

1. Your panic at what to cook for dinner reaches a new level


2. One of you will be wrong about the great toilet roll debate

And it’s whichever one of you thinks it goes under. It doesn’t. Don’t do that.

3. Your date nights are now mainly pizza deliveries and Netflix

And y’know what? You’re more than happy with that.

4. You’ll discover the true extent of their obsessions

“I thought you didn’t actually like this TV show!”

5. Personal hygiene goes out the window pretty quick

Put two people who are attracted to each other in a confined space and soon greasy hair is in fashion.

6. One of you will be the “tidy one”

Hint: if you don’t know the answer to this then it’s defo not you.

7. You realise how great it is not to come to an empty house

Bad day in work? You’ve your own cheerleader/therapist waiting for you.

8. There’s no betrayal so hurtful as when someone watches an episode of a TV show without you

This is a BIG no-no.

9. You start developing weird personal jokes

It’s great when you’re at home but try explain it in work?

10. No expensive moisteriser is safe

They will take allllll your bathroom products. Hide them.

11. And being hungover in a couple makes it 100x easier

There’s someone else you can bribe to make tea!



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