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YouTube Release Feature We’ve Been Crying Out For Since The Birth Of Smartphones

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Call me tight, call me a cheapskate, call me what you will. I refuse to pay for spotify or Apple Music. I’d rather take the €10 a month and put it towards something more practical – like two pints.

Anyway, for that reason when it comes to listening to music I just stick to YouTube which, as you know, is a disaster if you want to listen and scroll through your phone.

You’re only allowed do one of the two – until now that is.

That’s right. YouTube has released a premium package which allows you to keep playing any YouTube video in the background while you scroll through Facebook, Twitter or Insta or while you’re messaging someone back.

YouTube has announced that the new features is ad-free and lets you download videos for when you’re low on data while also installing that precious background play.

And the best news: the first three months are completely free so you can see whether or not it’s for you.

It’s €15.99 thereafter.

Would you choose this over Spotify or Apple Music? Let us know in the comments.

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