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08th Nov 2018

People Are Really Not Impressed With The Bizarre Instructions In Zoella’s New Book

Kiara Keane

Zoella seems to have landed herself in hot water yet again after revealing her new book, Cordially Invited.

The lifestyle and beauty blogger’s new self-help book has upset some fans with its bizarre contents, such as a step-by-step guide to making a ham and cheese sandwich.

One nugget of advice regarding the sandwich-making includes, “When ready to assemble your sandwiches, lay your bread out on your work surface and butter each slice.”

Another section gives advice on going for walks – in spring you should “take an umbrella — weather can be a little unpredictable at this time of year so it’s best to be prepared”.

She adds that you should remember your sunglasses in the summer and to wear a coat in winter.

One disappointed fan who bought the book noted that it was “a waste of a book and waste of money.”

The book will set you back around €20 depending on where you buy it; it’s currently listed at €18.74 on the Eason website, reduced from €24.99.

Last year people were also left furious over the contents of her 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar which was on sale in Boots for €50 and included “disappointing” products such as a bag of glitter and a fluffy keyring.

Zoella, real name Zoe Sugg, has enjoyed enormous success in recent years and even released a popular beauty range in Penneys.

A representative for the blogger said, “Cordially Invited is intended to appeal to people of varied levels of experience so while there are some straightforward and simple tips, there are also more complex recipes and projects such as baking a four-tier birthday cake and making autumn wreaths.”

Main image via Shutterstock/@zoesugg

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