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Heading To Festivals This Summer? Aldi Has A Rake Of Cheap Camping Bits

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Every single year I make the same mistake.

I leave the tent hunt to the last minute and there’s never any left in the shops, never mind all of the other bits that you need with it.

There’s nothing worse than borrowing a tent with multiple holes, missing pieces and broken zips. Damp sleeping bags are a no no.

Aldi has just released a range of camping bits and let me tell you, now is the time to get them before they’re whipped up.

They have a range of tents:

A self-inflating mattress:

Camping chairs:

An air bed for €7:

A portable gas cooker:

Stainless steel bottle:

To keep your drink cold all day.

Festival season is finally here and I’m absolutely BUZZING!

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