Discover stunning hiking trails near you with this new and interactive online map

By Lovin Media

September 26, 2022 at 3:56pm



Looking to embrace the outdoors this Autumn? This handy online map helps you find some scenic sunset trails near you...

As the evenings grow shorter and the winter weather starts to close in, it's only right to get out and make the most of the natural world living on our doorsteps.

Thankfully, Ireland has no shortage of stunning hiking trails to explore over the next few weeks but, if you need some inspiration planning your route, we've got a very handy tool to help you out...

Corona have just launched an interactive online map for hikers, showcasing some of the most stunning and scenic hiking trails around Ireland.

If you're looking for some hiking inspiration, the easy-to-use map makes it so simple to find stunning trails and tracks near you and explore everything your local area has to offer. Featuring trails in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Donegal and loads more locations around the country, the handy map is designed to help you discover new routes near you and make the most of the natural world this Autumn.

Check out the interactive map HERE.


As well as spotlighting stunning trails around Ireland, the map also includes a very exciting hiking series, running this Autumn.

The Corona Hike to Sunset Series is the ultimate event for hikers and adventurers, giving attendees the chance to enjoy a guided tour of some stunning trails at sunset. Following the hike, you can relax and unwind at a nearby Corona event with live music, entertainment and, of course, a refreshing bottle or pint of Corona.

The Corona Hike to Sunset Series will come to Fermanagh on Saturday, October 8th. Keep an eye on the Corona Eventbrite page for more details.

In keeping with the natural theme, it's also good to know that Corona is brewed with 100% natural ingredients - water, barley, maize and hops.

And as a brilliant bonus for Corona fans, Corona Draught is now available in select locations across Ireland, and will be rolled out in more venues throughout the Autumn - the perfect post-hike pint!


Find a hike near you using Corona's Interactive Online map HERE.

Only a world like this could make a beer like this. Corona brewed with 100% natural ingredients.

Please drink responsibly.

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