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24th Oct 2019

This dog costume party in Galway is the stuff of dreams

Sarah Finnan

The novelty of dressing up at Halloween is certainly not lost on me, I thoroughly enjoy transforming into someone else for the night.

Previous costumes I’ve donned include: an ode to Frida Kahlo, my take on the legendary stuffed olive costume from Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Cruella DeVille (that in truth was more mad cow than dalmatian-chic), a Raggedy Andy broken doll getup and a rather hilarious sunburned tourist that my sister won’t let me live down.

Human costume parties are one thing, dog costume parties on the other hand – the clear winner.

Pet owners out west are in luck as Palás, Galway’s resident arthouse cinema, is hosting a very cool doggy-friendly event this coming Saturday.

Showing a screening of Tim Burton’s animated flick Frankenweenie, it’s a sure-fire way to keep the kids happy and get in the spooky season mood.

Tickets only cost a tenner and can be gotten here, over the phone or at the box office.

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