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24th Oct 2018

10 Reasons To Visit Ireland

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

The Emerald Isle, the land of saints and scholars, beautiful Éire.

If you’ve been meaning to make a visit to Ireland or maybe you have a friend or family member that would love to visit, there’s no better time than the present.

Here’s just some of the many reasons to visit:

1. The Cliffs Of Moher

Located in the stunning Co. Clare, the Cliffs of Moher is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland.

From the cliffs, and from atop the tower, visitors can see the Aran Islands, the Maumturks and the Twelve Pins mountain range.

2. It’s Home To Guinness

The home of the black stuff.

Sure there’s no better place to enjoy a creamy pint of Guinness, plus it tastes so much better in Ireland!

3. Fungie

The happiest dolphin you’ll ever meet.

Dingle is one of the cutest spots in the country and a boat trip around it is a must.

4. The Amazing Castles

There are so many castles to explore.

Some have been made into stunning hotels, museums and even Airbnbs.

Ticking therm all off is the real challenge.

5. The Impromptu Trad Sessions

You can’t beat the atmosphere in an Irish bar.

Pints, ceol and of course the craic!

6. The Giant’s Causeway

40,000 interlocking basalt columns and one of the most amazing sights you’ll see.

7. Dublin’s Fair City

You have to visit the capital city in all its glory.

There’s so much to see and do and the food is top notch.

8. Stunning Hikes And Trails

Let the Irish wind blow in your air and smell the freshest air while hiking along the mountains and forests of Ireland.

9. It’s Never More Than Five Hours To Get From A To B

It’s so easy to see Ireland, you could drive from one side of the country to the other in a matter of hours.

If you’re here for a flying visit you’ll still be able to see a lot.

10. The People

The friendliest people in the world.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to book that ticket!

Header image: @eoinsphotos @ihaveadarksoul

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