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16th Jul 2020

A new pop-up ramen bar is opening in Bray very soon

Lynda Keogh

I am a fiend for a late-night scroll. The usual ‘just five more minutes’ and then I’ll put the phone down kinda thing. But sometimes, just sometimes – it’s worth it!

Doing my usual scrolling last night, I fell upon a new Instagram page for a new Ramen spot that is due to open in Bray. Everyone at Lovin seems to LOVE Ramen, and its nice to see new places appear outside of town.

Shoyu seems to be maintaining the mystery for now; as there is no further information on when it will open, or even whereabouts it will pop up in Bray. Keeping us on our toes.

This is definitely one I will be keeping an eye on!

While you wait for this spot to open up, you can check out our list of restaurants that are open at the moment right here.

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