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04th Feb 2022

Have you been to this pup inspired café in Maynooth yet?

Katy Thornton

puppa coffee

If you’re local and you’ve got a pup, you NEED to stop in at Puppa Coffee.

If you even just take a short scroll through the Puppa Coffee Instagram feed, I promise you’re going to be filled with joy. Puppa Coffee is a coffee trailer in Maynooth that is dedicated to pups, and we are firmly here for it.

Puppa Coffee opened in August 2021, at the Yeah! Burgr Maynooth branch; Yeah! Burgr is their sister restaurant. This coffee spot is for humans too (someone’s got to bring the pups over after all) but with every coffee purchase, you get a free puppaccino. I mean, just take a look through the photos below at all the dogs enjoying themselves.

They do a great €5 pastry and muffin deal for all the owners out there too. You deserve it after bringing your pup to such a lovely little spot.

Last weekend Puppa Coffee hosted a pup gathering event where they had a photographer on site for two hours to take professional pictures of all the dogs enjoying their puppaccinos. You can check the pictures out below – the event was such a success, they may even do it again sometime. What it must be like to be a dog photographer…

So stop by whenever you want to treat your doggo; Puppa Coffee has water bowls on site in case your pup is in need of a drink.

The Puppa café opens seven days a week to serve you the very best coffee, and your pup the best puppaccino. They open from 9am to 8:30pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 8:30pm Saturday and Sunday.

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