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14th Feb 2022

This Kildare eatery has a gas new kids menu

Katy Thornton

33 south main kids menu

I wish this menu was around when I was a kid.

If you’ve ever dined with kids, or were a kid yourself (don’t lie) then you know the struggle of finding something they will eat. Personally, I was a plain pasta kind of kid (lowkey, I’m a plain pasta kind of adult) so this menu from 33 South Main  eatery gave us life.

Each dish is named after a phrase often offered by a child when asked what they want to eat. If you can’t translate what “I don’t know” means, no worries. 33 South Main has got you covered. Obviously it means “sausage, beans and chips”.

33 South Main is the master of translating kid speak apparently. Who knew that “I’m not hungry” actually meant “Two slices of pancakes with nutella and banana” or “I don’t want that” actually means “burger and chips”? This new kids menu is a life saver for parents everywhere; no more battling with your child while trying to enjoy a nice meal out.

This was of course a jokes menu; their real kids menu also has veg and cordial; but honestly we think it’s a winner. All they need to add is “Ugh” (or other indiscernible sound) which means “plain pasta with salt and butter” and they’re golden.

You can find 33 South Main Eatery in Naas.

Header image via Instagram/33southmain

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