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24th Apr 2021

This sprinkles ice-cream cookie sandwich will bring pure joy to your weekend

Lynda Keogh

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, summer in Ireland starts any day the temperature hits double digits.

If the weather gods at Met Éireann are to be believed it’s set to reach 18 degrees this weekend! Oh baby! It’s time to get the shorts, dust off the Birkenstock’s out and get out into that glorious day!

What goes better with a sunny day than an ice-cream? This sprinkles ice-cram cookie sandwich knocks any old ice-cream out of the park! Get yourself down to The Fat Fox for one of these, we recommend washing it down with a punchy cup of coffee too.

As they say themselves ‘There’s always room for dessert!’

Lead Image via Instagram/thefatfoxofficial

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