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16th Jul 2021

We need to try this Lotus biscuit Affogato coffee immediately

Lynda Keogh

Here at Lovin, we are massive coffee fans. We also love biscuits. And ice-cream.

So you can only imagine that we absolutely love all of these delicious things combined!

2210 Patisserie are very well-known for their amazing cakes and delicious postal deliveries. Since restrictions have lifted, Una and her team have re-opened the cafe where you can drop in for a coffee and a slice of cake. (We would highly recommend the cinnamon bun – if you can get your hands on one, they FLY out the door!)

We’ve all come to be obsessed with Lotus biscuits recently – those little golden brown biscuits that you used to get on the side of a coffee in hairdressers. Before we knew their proper brand name, they were ‘hairdresser biscuits’ – thankfully now they’ve got the recognition they deserve!

This piece of HEAVEN is a Lotus biscuit Affogato – a shot of strong espresso poured over scoops of creamy vanilla ice-cream topped with warm Lotus biscuit spread and finished off with crumbles… Come onnnnnnnn. This is a need not want kinda situation!

Have you tried this Lotus biscuit Affogato?

Lead Image via Instagram/2210_patisserie

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