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04th Oct 2021

We’re intrigued by this squid toast from a Galway restaurant

Fiona Frawley

No Chinese takeaway is complete without a side of prawn toast, but this creation from Éan in Galway looks to have upped the fishy bread game significantly.

This Galway foodie spot has us wanting to boot it down the M4 ASAP to sample their immense looking squid toast. Didn’t know squid toast was a thing? Us neither, but the time has come to get on board. Every element of this dish appears to have been carefully considered, and the description alone has us drooling.

Line caught Irish squid is spread onto slices of Éan’s own sourdough, then dipped in even more sourdough crumbs and fried. Anything with this much mention of sourdough will obviously have any millennial ready to give up their mortgage for good in exchange for a slice but guys, it gets better.

The toast is then finished off with a miso emulsion, katsuobushi (flavourful flakes made from dried fish) and gochujang (spicy chilli flakes to add a wee kick). Does this sound like a bitta you? The comments section seems to vouch for the dish 100%, and it sounds like the dream snack to accompany a chilled glass of white during date night or a catch up with pals. We can’t wait to try it!

Header image via Instagram/ean_galway

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