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31st Dec 2021

Popular Dingle coffee spot to take a few weeks off in January

Katy Thornton

Make sure you stop by before the 4th January if you just can’t do without their coffee!

If you’re a Dingle local, or indeed have ever visited Dingle, you’ll likely have heard of Bean In Dingle. This gorge yellow coffee house is home to some gorgeous baked goods, as well as quality brewed coffee. They have another branch in Killarney.

If you’re an avid Bean customer, you might want to stop in once or twice over the next couple of days. Both Bean shops will shut from the 4th January for a well deserved break.

They remain open for the 31st December, and the 2nd and 3rd of January, but will then close up for a few weeks. There’s no word on when they will reopen, but we hope it is some time in February. Bean’s loyal customers will surely miss them while they’re gone.

Header image via Instagram/beanindingle

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