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09th Sep 2021

The cutest new drive thru has popped up in Dublin 18

Fiona Frawley

We’re very excited about this one!

There’s nothing handier than a drive-thru coffee spot. We’ve seen them pop up more and more over the last few years and it’s a trend everyone can get on board with. Coffee without having to get out of your pjs? Without having to take your sleeping baby out of the car if that’s what you’re working with? Without having to find a parking space? It’s just the dream.

Chroí Coffee is the latest addition to the Irish drive-thru scene, and first impressions are it’s extremely cute. Surrounded by trees and greenery (it is the road to Wicklow, after all) and with a gorge selection of cakes and pastries, it’s everything you could want.

In terms of coffee Chroí have PS Roasters on the go – a Kilcullen based roastery with an emphasis on going plastic free and all things environmentally friendly.

Okay, I’ve saved the best thing til last here and I want you all to prepare yourselves. This is big news.

As well a gorge selection of sweet treats, Chroí have a savoury option that nearly reduced me to tears.

Their very own homemade JAMBONS, ladies and gentlemen.

There’s a choice of bacon, cheddar and relish or cheddar and relish for the veggies, and they look absolutely stunning. We can’t wait to add one to our coffee order.

Chroí are open Monday – Friday from 7:30-3:30, and Saturdays from 8 on the Enniskerry Road just outside Stepaside, with info about how to get there in their location highlight on insta.

Header image via Instagram/chroi_coffee

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