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28th Aug 2018

The Electric Picnic Food Guide: Here’s 10 Fantastic Stalls you NEED To Check Out

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Electric Picnic is only a few days away.

By now, I’m pretty sure you’ve looked at the line-up over 100 times and maybe even decided which campsite your pitching your tent in, but have you stopped to think about the amazing food on offer?

Yep, festivals are a foodies heaven and a great opportunity to check out some up and coming food vendors.

Here’s some of our top picks to try during the festivities.

1. Lu’s Chaat Stop

If it gets a little chilly in the evenings, nothing will warm up those bones like a hearty Indian curry.


2. Box Burger

I like to eat a big meal during the day at a festival, one that’ll keep me full and acts as good soakage for all of the pints I’m going to be consuming.

Box burger know what’s up – cheese, juicy meat and carbs, the answer to all my problems.

3. Arctic Stone

For when you need a sugar kick.

Arctic Stone is one of our absolute faves when it comes to ice cream.

It’s oh so tasty and super pretty.

4. Daata

Indian street food at its best.

There’s honestly nothing I crave more at a festival than a curry with some naan bread.

Gimme it all.

5. Feashty

Festivals have loads of vegan options as of late and Feashty is definitely one to try.

Healthy kebabs for when you’re feeling a little groggy.


6. Wok N’ Roll

No festival is complete without a trip to Wok N’ Roll for a noodle box.

Legend has it, if you go up to the stall and sing “WE BUILT THIS CITY ON WOK N ROLL” they’ll give you a free meal…

(This is definitely a lie)

Screen Shot 2018 08 28 At 12 44 49

7. Platform Pizza

The perfect cure for a hungover head.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner?


8. La La Poutine

This is the ultimate drunk food.

Gravy, chips and balls of cheese?

We’ll take 3.

9. Saba

One of my greatest moments of EP last year was getting my hands on a spice bag after a very rainy night and warming myself up.

That stuff is magic.

10. Kelly Lou Cakes

Cupcakes and a cuppa joe.

Key for Sunday mornings.

I think I’m now more excited for the food than the music tbh.

See you there!

Header image: @_cuptails_ @platformpizzabar