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27th Jan 2021

Bray café hosting an exciting foodie pop-up this week

Sarah Finnan

foodie pop up

Bray favourite Glovers Café has teased details of an upcoming foodie pop-up.

Locals will be well familiar with the name Glovers but if you’re not, commit it to memory because you’re going to want to pay them a visit once restrictions ease. Home to one of Wicklow’s tastiest hot chocolates (a happy hippo/kinder bueno mashup), their Instagram feed gives us constant food envy and no doubt their upcoming foodie pop-up will too.

Saying that they have been working on things behind the scenes for “quite some time”, all will be revealed ahead of this Friday.

“Hello everyone – we have been working on this pop up for quite some time now & we are delighted to announce we are popping up at a secret location THIS FRIDAY.”

Keeping it very vague on the details, they did give us one clue to help us out: “HINT – What goes well with brown bread and butter?”

What doesn’t go well with brown bread and butter?! If you have an answer, I’d like to hear it because I’m coming up blank.

Anywho, more details to follow soon so sit tight until then.

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