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29th Jan 2019

Expert Who Predicted ‘Beast From East’ Says There’s A Risk Of “Heavy Disruptive Snow” This Week

Darragh Berry

The Weather Expert who predicted the ‘Beast From The East’ has said that there’s a risk of “heavy disruptive snow” for one of the days this week.

Midland Weather Channel has said that there’s “mixed conditions” in store including “for some, heavy and potentially disruptive snow.”

“The highest risk of seeing some heavy and disruptive snow comes on Thursday as a deepening Atlantic low pressure system slides southeastwards along the west coast, pushing up against some very cold air that will be in place across the country, turning any precipitation that falls along the northern side of this system to heavy snow.

But first we must contend with the risk of some more moderate falls of snow across parts of the north, west and north Midlands through Tuesday and into Wednesday. Heavy squally showers of hail, sleet and snow will push southeastwards across the country, delivering up to 10 cm of snow in some inland areas of the north and northwest, with a covering of snow possible further south and across the Midlands.

However its to Thursday that most of our focus should be directed and the potential for some really substantial wintry conditions, with snowfall totals widely ranging between 10-15 cm, with some areas even seeing above 20 cm, especially over higher ground. But there are lots of uncertainties surrounding this at present, and to highlight some of uncertainties I´ve provided three potential scenarios for Thursday´s weather.”

This comes after Met Eireann issued a five-day weather warning for snow and ice on Monday.

They have predicted temperatures of zero degrees across the week with “wintry showers” along the way.

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