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23rd Jul 2018

Ireland Could Be About To Face A Serious Heatwave If UK’s Weather Warning Is Anything To Go By

Darragh Berry

We have kind of become well equipped with how to handle snow and thunderstorms over the last few years, but what happens if we get a proper – near national emergency type – heatwave…

Well, that could become a sharp reality over the next couple of days for Ireland as our neighbours across the foam have been hit with an official heatwave warning ahead of Wednesday and Thursday.

The warning says: “The Met Office confirms threshold temperatures for one of more regions have been reached for one day and the following night, and the forecast for the next day has a greater than 90% confidence level that the day threshold temperature will be met.

“This stage requires social and healthcare services to target specific actions at high-risk groups.”

While Ireland only has a status yellow weather advisory at the moment, that doesn’t mean that it won’t change if we get some of the blistering heat that the UK is forecast to get.

Residents are being advised to stay out of the sun, and to drink plenty of fluids during the day.

They could be facing temperatures as high as the mid-flipping-30s.

We wouldn’t mind a piece of that, maybe not the whole scary heatwave prospect but just give us a few spare degrees, please?

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