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18th Jul 2018

Two Islanders Have Quit Love Island Ahead Of Tonight’s Show

Darragh Berry

Ahead of Wednesday night’s Love Island, it has been confirmed that two islanders have quit the show.

An insider for Love Island told The Sun that:

“No one expected these two to leave and it is a massive shock.

“Their fellow islanders were stunned when they spoke about their reasons for quitting.

“It’s going to have a big effect on the show, it’s a huge bombshell, and they are going to be massively missed by their co-stars.”

The publication were unable to confirm who would be leaving the show but after last night’s episode, you could hazard a guess at the possibilities.

Laura will be left heartbroken yet again after New Jack announced that he didn’t think they’d work on the outside and was shown in the teaser kissing one of the new girls.

Or, it could be Sam and Georgia after they were giving the choice to either leave as a couple or stay but split up. They chose to stay but have been acting very couple-y since, breaking the rules of Love Island.

Only time will tell.