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20th Feb 2020

Tayto launches two new flavours and they’re Irish AF

Sarah Finnan

limited edition Tayto flavours

Tayto crisps are about as inherently Irish as you can get.

We’re a nation that love our spuds, in all shapes and sizes; be they boiled, mashed, roasted or in crisp form.

Speaking of which, Tayto has just launched two new limited-edition flavours – adding Bacon & Cabbage and Beef Stew to the mix. Nothing says traditional Irish grub quite like bacon and cabbage or stew… two daycent Irish dinners if we do say so ourselves.

Amongst the things people most miss when living abroad, the new flavours have Irishness at their core – combining our love for a good home-cooked meal with our love for the humble crisp.

And they’re set to arrive just in time for Paddy’s Day next month.

The international day of Irish pride, people all across the globe will be donning their greenery and showing off their heritage with grá – most likely celebrating with a couple of pints of plain and some crisp sambos.

Known for their often quirky and unexpected offerings, previous Tayto flavours have included the likes of hot wings, curry chip and roast chicken.

Retailing for €1.15, both new flavours will be available to buy for a limited time only so try them out and then stock up.

Hard to top the classic bag of cheese and onion though, so it will be interesting to see where these rank in comparison.

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