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27th Aug 2020

Tesco is selling GIANT avocados that weight almost 2kg this weekend

Sarah Finnan


Avozillas are the holy grail of avocados.

It’s kind of a running joke that many millennials won’t be able to afford a house because they spend all their money on eggs and avo… definitely true in my case but I’ve gotten used to a certain type of lifestyle and a gaff that costs me my morning avocado toast is just far too high a price to pay – literally and metaphorically speaking. I can hear my bank account weeping in the background…

Not just for millennials, avocados are a staple on most shopping lists these days and if you have plans to whip up a homemade bowl of guac this weekend, boy do I have good news for you as Tesco will be selling GIANT avocados called ‘avozillas’ from tomorrow.

Five times the size of a standard avocado, they can weigh anywhere from 850 grams to almost 2kg and surprisingly, that is how they naturally grow – they’re not genetically modified nor have they been treated with any growth-enhancing chemicals either. Whopper to say the least.


A cross between two types of avocado – West Indian and Guatemalan – these bad boys were sourced in the lush natural forest around Modjadjiskloof, Limpopo in South Africa, and are due to hit shelves in 70 different Tesco stores nationwide from tomorrow.

Here’s where you can pick one up.

avocadoBack by popular demand, there’s only a limited number so head in early or your home brunch will be seriously lacking. You can skip arm day at the gym after carrying one them home.One avozilla will only set you back a mere €4. A very worthy investment for a weekend of avocado-filled dishes. Bone apple teeth, my friends.

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