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30th Dec 2017

This Spirit Is Set To Become More Popular Than Vodka In Ireland


Gin is the becoming the quickest growing spirits category among Irish consumers – which, in fairness, is not at all surprising. 

The Gin & Tonic has become a massively popular drink on Irish shores, so much so that gin sales have grown 31% in the last year according to the Irish Spirits Association.

The new figures have also shown that exports have increased significantly in more recent years, with other countries wanting to have some Irish-produced gin themselves.

And it turns out that the majority of spirits consumed in Ireland (56%) are in fact produced here – great news for the Irish drinking industry.

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Vodka still remains the most popular spirit in Ireland, although sales have fallen in the last ten years.

With the popularity of Gin ever growing, who knows, it may take the top spot some year soon.

Are you an avid Gin drinker?

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