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04th May 2018

World Buckfast Day Is Fast Approaching And Pubs All Over Ireland Will Celebrate


Bucky fan? Your time to shine is soon. Very soon. World Buckfast Day is on May 12 and the world will come together in true Buckfast fashion to celebrate the tonic wine. 

There’s a Facebook page set up for the glorious (and possibly messy) day, with heaps of pubs across Ireland planning to throw some special Bucky deals.

  • Betty Blacks, Bangor, Co.Down
  • The Goats Toe, Bangor, Co.Down
  • Filthys, Belfast,
  • Ryans Bar, Belfast
  • Cask, Cork
  • The Bernard Shaw, Dublin
  • Harbour House, Newcastle Co.Down
  • Annie’s, Omagh
  • JD Tiplers, Portadown
  • Cask, Cork

Stunning. Beautiful. Buckfast. Who could deny themselves a sip?

There was the time the Buckfast Easter Egg went mega viral…

Screen Shot 2018 05 04 At 15 01 14

And who could forget the Buckfast mojito?

Screen Shot 2018 05 04 At 15 01 24

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