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11th Nov 2019

You can get free food at Nando’s in November – here’s how

Sarah Finnan

Free food at Nando’s is guaranteed to turn a Monday frown upside down.

Nando’s is offering patrons free food every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the month of November. If you can prove you’re a true Nando’s fan that is.

How does one go about doing that? Well, it’s actually very simple.

Type out the words ‘I’m craving’ in a message on your phone and if the text predicts ‘Nando’s’ as your next word you’ll land yourself some free grub.


The popular restaurant, known for its peri-peri style chicken, is running the promotion in all Irish and UK branches.

Foodie freebies vary depending on the time of the month, varying from sides to veggie burgers and even a free ¼ chicken.

See below for the specifics.

November 4-6: free any regular side
November 11-13: free 3 wings
November 18-20: free any vegetarian burger
November 25-27: free ¼ chicken

Just prove you’re an OG, spend €7 and you’re eligible

We all know Nando’s is good, but free Nando’s? That’s next level.

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