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18th Sep 2020

Breweries in Cork and Kildare win big at the World Beer Awards

Rory Cashin

One of the Irish breweries took home the award for World’s Best Stout.

The World Beer Awards took place recently, which involves a group of folk tasting beers from all over the world and deciding which of them are the very best.

To some, it is pretty much the dream job, unless you don’t like beer, in which you case you probably aren’t reading this article based on the headline.

Awards were given to brewers in Brazil, China, and everywhere in between, but if you are looking to get your hands on some of the very best beer in the world, thankfully you don’t have to travel very far, as breweries in Cork and Kildare also took home some of the big awards on the night.

Below is the list of winning breweries, the beers that won, and they awards they took home on the big night:

Blacks Brewery – Ace Of Haze – World’s Best IPA Session

Blacks Brewery – 2020 Vision – World’s Best IPA Speciality

The Crafty Brewing Company – Irish Craft American Pale Style Pale Wheat Ale 5% – World’s Best American Style Wheat Beer

Eight Degrees – Sunburnt Irish Red – World’s Best Pale Ale Amber

McGargles – Dan’s Double IPA – World’s Best IPA Imperial/Double

McGargles – Export Stout – World’s Best Stout

Rye River Seasonal – Miami J IPA – World’s Best IPA American Style