This Galway Hotel Is Now Serving a Wine That 'Looks Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen'

The perfect summer drink?

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Red, white, rose, sparkling... we love wine in all it's wondrous forms.

Now Galway hotel The Twelve, lover of quirky food and wine, has stirred things up in a big way by introducing a new wine that is like nothing you've ever seen before... as in, it's BRIGHT blue.

Take a look at it in all its sparkly mediterranean-sea-blue glory.

Canto 5 Azul

Canto 5 drinks like a rosé and is described as 'fun, frivolous, freshly fruity and low in alcohol'.

Sounds like the ideal summer beverage.

An 80% Verdejo and 20% Sauvignon blend, the bright blue colour of Canto 5 comes from the natural anthocyanins in grape skin, boosted by an additional natural food colouring, just for the fun of it.

Canto 5 is clean, bright and alive with aniseed, mineral and citrus notes with shades of apple and tropical fruits leaving a honeyed finish. We're salivating.

The wine is exclusive to The Twelve, so there's no better excuse to treat yourself to a stay.

Just LOOK at how gorgeous the rooms are:

The Twelve Bedroom 3
Paul Hotel Photos 0401
Suite X11 The Twelve

Anyone else dreaming of filling a paddling pool with Canto 5 and going for a dip?!

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Written By

Megan Cassidy