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11th Jul 2018

PIC: Someone tried To Experiment With A Pint Of Guinness And It Didn’t Work


Hearts are set to break across the country when they see the atrocity that was carried out on the pint of Guinness.

In a Seattle sports bar, one observant Twitter user noticed someone ordered a Guinness and Sprite.

Yes, a Guinness AND Sprite.

He wrote: “Someone next to me at this Seattle soccer bar just ordered a Guinness and Sprite, and WTF, is this a thing?”

Utter blasphemy

​The brave soul sacrificed himself and tasted it…

While we were trying to wrap our heads around why anyone in their right mind would order this, let alone make it, we were reminded of the last time someone fucked with the sanctity of the black stuff.

We’re talking about the monstrosity that is the Guinness Badger or, the unholy union of Guinness and Smirnoff Ice as we refer to it.

Some purists might say this is a hanging offence and we have to agree with them.

What do you think? Would you drink it?

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