This Waterford Café Takes Their Coffee And Their Music Very Seriously

Coffee and Choons

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I love music as much as I love my coffee. Possibly more. 

So, if I can find a café that has good coffee AND music I can groove to, I'm all in. 

Blackfriars Coffee in Waterford is that place. 

Located beside Blackfriar Abbey in the heart of Waterford city, this café serves some of the county's best coffee with a side of daycent tunes. 

I've been there a couple of times now and every time I visit they bang out serious jams like David Bowie's Starman and Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon while making an extremely good cuppa joe from 3FE or The Barn Berlin Coffee.

It's the perfect level too, high enough to bop along to without interrupting people's conversations. 

You might think I'm placing too much emphasis on the music but trust me, music is key for creating the right vibes in a café or restaurant. 

In addition to having unreal coffee and class music, Blackfriars is known for great food. 

Their weekly nourish bowl is always bursting with fantastic flavour from fresh local produce. 

Coffee, food AND good music - it's my idea of heaven. 

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Jennifer Cosgrove