This Waterford Restaurant Received Major Kudos From The Michelin Guide On Twitter

Scrambles to make a reservation for this weekend

Bay Tree Food

The Bay Tree Bistro in Waterford City should be mighty pleased with themselves this morning.

In a Twitter shout out the Michelin Guide said they were the reason to visit Waterford. Over 100 years old, the guide book is akin to the bible for the restaurant and hotel industry so a shout out from them is a pretty big deal.

Open just over two years, the restaurant has already received a slew of awards including best restaurant in Waterford 2018 by the Restaurant Association of Ireland and Best Chef in Waterford and Munster in 2017 as well as being featured in the John and Sally Mckenna Guides and the Georgina Campbell Guides since opening.

Chef and Co-owner, Keith Boyle, replied to the post saying: "Thank you so much we are honoured. Thank you for dining with us and we are so glad you enjoyed your evening here."

Fair play, lads.

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Jennifer Cosgrove