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21st Jan 2021

Waterford youngster to be reunited with GAA ball that washed up abroad

Sarah Finnan

GAA ball

The young girl is to be reunited with her lost GAA ball, which managed to find its way across the water to Wales. 

10-year old Aoife Ní Nicoaill from Waterford got quite the surprise earlier this week, when she learned that her football had washed up over in Wales.

Lost while having a kickabout on the beach in her hometown of Woodstown, the GAA ball ended up in the water and neither Aoife nor her father was able to retrieve it after the current picked up.

Resigning herself to the fact that the ball was gone for good, Aoife and her dad forgot about the incident until a photo of said football resurfaced online. Posted on Facebook by one user across the Irish Sea, it sounds as though Aoife had more luck on her side than she realised and will soon be reunited with her football – which is more well-travelled than most of us these days.

Shared several times on social media, Aline Denton – the woman responsible for finding the football – has since updated her original post, also confirming that she will be sending Aoife her football back in the coming days.

Speaking to RTÉ, she said:

“I am going to post it, but I have been deliberating ‘is it an essential journey?’ So I’m waiting until I need some milk.”

So, it’s a happy ending after all.

Header image via Facebook/Aline Denton

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