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01st Mar 2021

Wicklow café to donate part of proceeds from puppuccino sales to charity this week 

Sarah Finnan


Cappuccino for you, puppuccino for doggo. Same, but different. 

Most of us have a bit of a love/hate relationship with walking these days. Some days it’s our saving grace, other days, even the thought of going on another silly little walk is enough to send us into a downward spiral.

That being said, the good weather and the brighter evenings have us feeling much more positive anytime the ‘w’ word is mentioned and our pups are only delighted.

Always down for a little adventure outside, our furry best friends rarely need convincing but tell them there’s a treat waiting for them on the other side and they’re sure to be doubly excited.

Confirming that they’ll be donating 50 cent from the sale of every puppuccino to charity this week, Glovers Café in Bray said that they’re open to suggestions as to where the money should go.

“We would like to donate to a small independent charity who [sic] needs it most. Please send on your suggestions & make sure to bring the doggy’s [sic] down.”

Encouraging customers to call in, doggos in tow, that sounds like all the more reason to get out and treat yourself to a freshly brewed cup of something hot – providing they’re within your 5km of course.

Header image via Instagram/Glovers Café

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