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02nd Jan 2020

11 relatable ‘back to work’ tweets to show you that you’re not alone

James Fenton

The time has come for a lot of us to get out of bed and spend the day doing something other than scoffing chocolate and watching old movies.

This morning, people began trudging back to work for the first time in 2020 and if you’re feeling miserable about it you can take solace in the fact that you’re not alone.

As is usually the case in times of desperation, Irish people have taken to Twitter to share their desolation and taking a few minutes to revel in everyone’s misery is sure to ease your suffering.

Just remember, we’re all in this together, except for those who don’t have to go back until Monday. But the less said about them the better.

There’s doubtless a lot of people who can relate to all that. Don’t despair though because the next Christmas break is just under 12 months away. Anyone else reckon they’ll book a holiday before the day is out?