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16th Jan 2018

A Shocking Amount Of Irish Workers Are Taking Under Half An Hour For Their Lunch Every Day

James Fenton

Getting a full hour for your lunch today? Consider yourself lucky.

A new survey carried out by Subway has revealed that 58% of Irish workers are taking less than 30 minutes for their lunch every day while only 15% of the 300 respondents are taking their full hour. The average length of an Irish lunch break is now 28 minutes.

This is significantly less than the likes of Italy where 56% of workers take more than half an hour and 9% even take over an hour.

Sacha Clark, Marketing Director from Subway UK and Ireland said: 

“It’s time for us to learn from our Italian friends who are renowned for savouring a more leisurely lunch.

“We want to encourage people to reward themselves by stepping away from their desk to experience lunch the Italian way.”

How long will you be taking for lunch today and do you think it’s enough? Let us know in the comments. 

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