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30th Aug 2018

Aldi Have Released A Line Of Affordable Musical Instruments


Aldi is doing ‘back to school’ the right way with the release of their affordable music range.

The benefits of learning to play an instrument go far beyond the pure enjoyment of music. Playing a musical instrument boosts memory and creativity in both the young and old. It is also often a social activity, which helps foster discipline, patience, and cooperation while rewarding effort.

The range has everything you or your child might need for getting to grips with a new instrument this school year.

Check out the range below…



Choose from 36″ Student Guitar with nylon strings and carry bag, 39″ Classical Guitar in black with nylon strings or 41″ Acoustic Guitar in black with steel strings. Suitable for ages 6+ years

  • 36″ Student Guitar – At 36″ this 3⁄4 size instrument is ideally suited to beginners and improvers and its smaller body makes it easy to transport
  • 39″ Classical Guitar – Designed for playing classical pieces, this small-bodied guitar is usually played sitting down with it resting on your left leg
  • 41″ Acoustic Guitar – Perfect for adults or youngsters, the full size ‘dreadnought’ shape with steel strings is designed to produce a louder volume
Guitar €49 99



Quality school descant recorder, perfect for taking those musical first steps. Includes full colour 40 page Book, CD and Cleaning Cloth

Recorder Set €12 99

Full-Sized Keyboard


Full Sized Keyboard €79 99



The easy way to begin to learn a stringed instrument and ideal for smaller hands. Nylon strings. Made from FSC certified birch wood. Includes Carry Bag. Available in pink gloss or brown matte. Approx. 21″/53cm. Suitable for ages 8+ years.

Aldi’s Ukuleles are made with materials from responsible sources and well- managed forests. Look for the FSC logo next to Aldi’s FSC certified products.

Ukulele €19 99

Wooden Percussion Set


Choose from 2 sets of children’s instruments. Suitable for ages 3+ years

Set 1 – Triangle, 2 Egg Shakers, Tambourine, 2 Claves and Jingle Bells

Set 2 – 2 Maracas, Jingle Stick, 2 Castanets and an 8 tone Metallophone

Wooden Percussion Set €12 99
Wooden Percussion Set €12 99

Get thee to Aldi!

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