ASAI Introduce Harsh New Policy Which Will Stop Misleading Bloggers In Their Tracks

"Their brand reputation is very important to them"


There's been a wave of distrust around bloggers and influencer marketing of late, and the industry has finally started making important changes to keep up. 

Social media channels like Bloggers Unveiled and Bullshit Callerouter have lifted the lid on some of the dodgier practices going on among popular internet personalities, and the ASAI has this week announced that it will be making some pretty big changes in answer to the issue. 

The authority has announced that it will now publicly name and shame any blogger who isn't up front about paid work, by using the appropriate hashtags (eg #ad, #spon). 

Over 100 agencies, brands and bloggers are attending an 'educate and inform' event today at Facebook HQ, which aims to clarify when a brand or blogger needs to declare when something is paid for. 

Announcing the new name and shame policy, ASAI head Orla Twomey said: 

“The sanction is against both blogger and advertiser. 

“It is the ‘name and shame’ sanction where we will publish the adjudication of the complaints committee.

“Their reputation – their brand reputation – is very important to them.

“So they need to be careful [in case] their follower thinks they are likely to be misled by them.”

With more and more brands working with influencers in order to promote their products, Orla emphasised that clarity is key. 

According to Newstalk, she said: “There is nothing wrong with a blogger and a brand working together to co-create content.

“We don’t have an issue with that.

“It is just that we think consumers should know when they are being advertised to.

“So we just want to make sure that everybody is crystal clear about what they need to do and when they need to do it.”

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Megan Cassidy