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Believe It Or Not, 'Hot Desking' Is Now A Work Trend That Is Being Talked About

By Darragh Berry

January 8, 2018 at 5:16pm


If you're lucky enough to have your own personal space at work that you can call your own, we're jealous and angry all at the same time. 

We understand that everyone having their own office is a bit of a stretch but even a designated seat, where you can put your own stuff as well as having your own set of plugs, would be a start.

However, the majority of the offices have an open plan style of a work space where it's every man/woman for themselves. 

This is known as 'hot desking' and it's where no one in an office has their own desk and instead you sit where ever you see a free sit.

Which is grand, when there is actually free seats.

Not so grand when you can't find any free seats or you head out for ten minutes to make a cup of tea and your spot is gone.


'Hot desking' means you can never leave any of your belongings in work and much like trying to save a spot for someone at the bar, you need to mark your territory with an item of clothing or with a bag. 

Careers coach Benedicta Banga told Metro that it can have serious long-term effects on employees: 

"Hot-desking can be stressful. The idea of getting to a place and not knowing whether you will have a desk or not makes people anxious. 

"Once you get to the office sitting at a desk with zero personalisation, no pictures of your kids, family or your other favourite things that act as your security blanket won’t make it any better. As a matter of fact it adds more to your settling down time trying to figure out which desk is occupied.

"The worst case scenario is that it could lead to people having time off work. If there is a reduction in people’s satisfaction with the environment and job then that can impact on people’s commitment to the organisation. In extreme cases they might find a job elsewhere."

Getting a job somewhere else is all well and good but what if they have a 'hot desking' policy also?

The torture never ends.

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