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14th May 2018

The 10 Types Of Bosses We’ve All Come Across At Some Point In Our Careers


Having a good boss is the stuff of career dreams. They can directly influence how long you stay in a role or company and how quickly you develop or progress in your career. 

Unfortunately, there are some awful bosses out there that directly impact your day to day experiences by making them 100 times more stressful or just downright unbearable. 

On the other hand, you could be really blessed with someone who is interested in their team’s individual progress. 

Here’s a list of bosses we’ve definitely all encountered.

1. The Clueless Boss

Ah yes, the one that makes you wonder how they got their job in the first place. 

They haven’t a notion of what’s really going on and will constantly scupper the team’s progress by handing out last minute deadlines that makes no sense and don’t contribute to the overall goal.  

2. The Micro-manager

There you are; head down, typing away, making great progress on your latest project when you feel your boss hovering behind you. 

This boss hasn’t come over to provide help or guidance, they just want to control every aspect of the team’s work. They. Can’t. Let. Go.

What makes it worse is that their interference is more of a hindrance than a help but god love ya if you tell your micro-managing boss that you can manage to open Microsoft Word all by yourself. 

3. The Unprofessional Boss

At first it will seem like these managers are a good laugh. They’ll tell you about how drunk they got at the weekend and you’ll feel like you can share your drunken escapades too but, their lack of a filter will eventually become extremely annoying. 

Especially when they start saying whatever they want about others at meetings and memos. 

4. The Constantly Late Boss

Not a problem at first, but their lack of time management will soon start affecting your work-day. 

Covering for them with their boss or doing bits of their work, to ensure something is finished on time, soon becomes tiring when you’re getting paid less and have a junior title. 

5. The Creepy Boss

The inappropriate comments, the subtle or sometimes not-so-subtle gestures, the inappropriate touching and the lack of personal space are just some of things you have to deal with with this type of boss. 

Despite being hugely inappropriate, not to mention ILLEGAL, these managers still exist and they still get away with it. 

They’re usually deluded enough to think no-one has cottoned on to their behaviour. Report to HR if you are dealing with this. 

6. The Deadline Boss

This boss is obsessed with workflows..they have deadlines for deadlines. This works well for detail-orientated roles but can stifle creativity at times too. 

A messy desktop will probably give these managers heart palpitations.

7. The Melodramatic Boss

EEEK, this boss loves to overshare. Everything, from how lonely they are since their cat died to getting their teeth cleaned, is up for discussion. 

And good luck if this chief experiences an existential crisis or discovers nihilism. At least you’ll be able to add ‘Therapist’ to your CV.

8. The Bully

Can these guys even be called managers when their go-to method is berating their team in front of others or making fun of individuals “for a laugh”?

Don’t be surprised when this boss throws a tirade of abuse at you in your first week just to see how you react. 

9. The Workaholic Boss

Working under this kind of boss can be beyond stressful. Switching off is impossible when you’re receiving an unrelenting stream of emails or calls in the evenings, weekends and on holidays. 

And you’ll be terrified not to answer or reply. 

10. The Born For It Boss

This boss is a born leader who wants their team to thrive and succeed. These guys understand that employees won’t stay long if they aren’t happy so they work hard to make the environment good for everyone as well as working with individuals to help them realise their strengths and goals. 

It’s not an easy job but some people are brilliant at this. If you find a boss like this, it’s up to you to make sure you stay there. 

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments. 

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