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29th Oct 2021

Check out this sober nightclub in Kerry!

Katy Thornton

No alcohol doesn’t mean no craic!

With the reopening of bars, restaurants, and clubs in the past few months, you might be in need of a break. We’ve all been soaking up the return of nightlife, and it’s easy to go overboard. Plus, Christmas is just around the corner, and let’s face it, there’s going to be a lot of drinking. This club in Kerry provides an alternative, a sober night out that doesn’t sacrifice fun.

Their plan is to take over certain venues to provide a non-alcohol event. As they state in their bio, they’re not anti-alcohol, they’re just providing something different!

So if you’re off the sauce altogether, have work the next day and don’t need the hangover, or are just taking a little break from drinking, The Virtue Club could be the place for you.

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