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17th Jul 2018

PIC: Dealz Ireland Has Released Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lube

Darragh Berry

Dealz Ireland have been known to help try and spice things up in the bedroom. This became very evident when they released their own brand of cheap sex related goodies.

The store also showed its naughty side at Christmas when it released these NSFW ads about elves in the run up to the festive holiday.

They recently upped the game by launching a low-cost clothing line within some of its stores but they’ve returned back to the raunchy stuff again with this latest release.

It seems like the store has released a Gin and Tonic Flavoured type of Lube from their ‘Play Time’ selection.

If the image isn’t showing up for you in the article, you can find it here.

Gives Beyoncé’s song ‘Drunk in Love’ a whole different meaning altogether.

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