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21st Nov 2017

Doing This One Little Thing After A Workout Could Put An End To Aches And Pains


While working out makes you feel great, the aches and pain that follow afterwards aren’t so pleasant.

If you can barely move the next day and the idea of trying to get down the stairs the next morning terrifies you, apparently this one little trick will help fight off those aches.

A former Navy SEAL, Clint Emerson spoke to Business Insider and said that your muscles are helped a lot by ending your hot shower with a quick blast of ice-cold water.

He said, “cold water will wake you up, without a doubt, and it will keep you awake. But it has more health benefits than anything else.

“One, the reason professional athletes do it all the time after a workout is it increases recovery. It vasoconstricts the entire body, squeezing out all of that lactic acid so that you can feel good to go the next day and be ready for the next day training.”

Although the idea of ending your shower with a flow of ice-cold water seems like torture, Clint says it’s like a therapy and it helps to keep your joints and inflammation down and to help you avoid any more injury.

For the best results, sitting in a bath of ice-cold water will do the trick to help your muscles ease.

So if you’re looking to avoid days of hobbling along and wincing at any movement – you might want to add ice-cold water to your post workout routine.

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