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08th Feb 2023

Experience a wine-tasting at 18,000ft with new winery in the sky

Katy Thornton

Experience a wine-tasting at 18,000ft with new winery in the sky

A new wine experience for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

If you’re a serious wine-y, you’ve probably done every wine experience there is to offer. Wine flights, wine-tastings, you name it. Well, now there’s a new wine-tasting experience on the menu, and it takes place 18,000ft in the sky.

Run by Invivo Air, a New Zealand wine business, this new wine-tasting venture launched at the end of January, with great success. Passengers boarded a two-hour flight from Auckland to Queenstown, where they experienced an eight step wine-tasting, which include pours from Invivo, Graham Norton, Invivo X, and Sarah Jessica Parker ranges.

Image via Invivo Air

The wine-tasting didn’t end upon landing, however. According to the Invivo website,

“Upon arrival, guests were decanted to ‘Legend’s Terrace’ – one of Invivo’s oldest vineyards in Central Otago – for a tour and tasting featuring live music from a local band, all while overlooking the stunning vistas of Bannockburn and Felton Road.”

The evening continued with a banquet style dinner, and the guests stayed the night at five-star Hilton Queenstown Resort & Spa.

Given the success of the event, Invivo are looking into hosting more of these wine-tastings in the sky, taking requests for other destinations; they are set to release further dates later in 2023.

As you can probably imagine, this experience didn’t come cheap, with tickets going for €295 per person (or $500 NZD) according to the Invivo Air website. However when you break it down, this included their return flights, their stay at The Hilton, their vineyard visit, and all meals had, making the €300 price-point fairly reasonable.

For those concerned about the carbon footprint these flights would leave, “Invivo will be offsetting carbon emissions on behalf of every guest on the trip”, according to their website.

We could do with one of these experiences in Ireland; wee flight and wine-tasting from Donegal to Cork wouldn’t go amiss.

Header image via Invivo Air

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