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10th Nov 2017

Anyone Who Has Ever Gone To Penneys To Buy “One Thing” Will Relate To This

Alana Laverty

You have €25 in your account to last you the next week and a half. 

You have eaten store-brand cornflakes for your three main daily meals for the last two day and you can barely afford to breathe right now. 

The Dublin Bus driver let you away with paying 20c less than you were meant to this morning when you hadn’t enough change and you almost cried. 

Yep – we’ve all been there. 

Broke as F*CK.

But as broke as you are – you still need your necessities when they run out. 

Be it a bottle of makeup remover, that €3 HD face powder or just a crisp pack of brand new socks that will all be lost before the end of the month – a wee visit to Penneys is a basic human right. 

So you brace yourself for three floors of pure retail therapy temptation and go in strong, determined not to spend more than a fiver and in denial about how things will inevitably go. 

Forty minutes later and your account is overdrawn by €28.50 but you didn’t need to eat this week anyways, so it’s totally fine. 

If you’ve ever gone into Penneys for one thing and left with two bags filled to the brim then you’ll relate to these 12 tweets: 

It’s an epidemic that gets the better of most of us. 

Best to stay clear while on the broker side of broke.

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