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09th Apr 2018

Cannabis Infused Skincare Now Exists And It’s Getting Raved About


There’s a skincare brand – MGC Derma – currently shaking up the beauty world on the internet, and we’re super intrigued.
The brand, retailing over on Cult Beauty, are leading the way in utilising this year’s ‘it’ skin care ingredient: cannabis.  

 But before you get the wrong end of the stick, we’re talking about cannabidiol (CBD), which is a totally non-psychoactive compound derived from the cannabis plant, which shares part of the ‘fingerprint’ of our genetics. 

This allows the body to instantly recognise it and utilise it accordingly. 

We looked into this cannabis infused skincare line and discovered that it is MGC Derma’s unique, meticulous extraction and purification process that keeps this ‘fingerprint’ intact; the brand uses only the highest quality cannabidiol in this range of pure yet potent serums, masks, toners and cream.  

 Cannabidiol is renowned for its healing, sebum-regulating and moisturising capabilities, so with this in mind, I guess it makes perfect ‘beauty sense’ to load this into a line of skincare products.  

 CBD is particularly adept at addressing eczema, acne and other problematic skin conditions, as well as minimising signs of ageing, hydrating and nourishing.   

The products are on the premium/luxury price range, starting at around £40. And from searching online for reviews, it looks like it’s getting a very positive response.
View the full range here.