6 Summer Rain Jackets That We Need Right Now

It may be raining but it's still roasting

Rain Coat Asos Header

It's only a shower....right?

Whether or not the rain is here to stay (we hope not), it's still quare warm and muggy.

So, while you can't be running around in the nip (practically) like we have been doing for the past 3 weeks, we can't wear our heavy coats for fear of turning in to a puddle of sweat.

Here are a few light summer rain jackets, that should keep you dry in the summer showers while still being light and breezy.

1. Only Rain Coat


Asos Only Red Rain Coat

2. Distorted Stripe Rain Jacket


Asos Rains Short Distorted Stripe Rain Jacket

3. Gelert Coast Waterpoof Jacket


Gelert Coast Waterproof Ladies Jacket

4. Asos Abstract Rain Mac


Asos Over The Head Rainmac In Abstract Print

5. Asos Cropped Metallic Windbreaker


Asos Cropped Wind Breaker

6. Gelert Polka Dot Rain Jacket


Gelert Packway Ladies Jacket

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Jennifer Cosgrove