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06th Mar 2018

This €25 Fake Tan Has Been Hailed As The World’s Best-Seller


The dull, gloomy weather caused by the Beast from the East has most of us dreaming of being abroad on a sunny beach tanning ourselves and sipping on frozen margaritas.

And although we’ve had more of a chance of getting blown away in a snow blizzard than getting our daily dose of vitamin D over the past few days, luckily we have fake tan, meaning that we can be one step closer to living that dream.

And now, the struggle of choosing which fake tan to buy is that little bit easier, as the best-selling fake tan in the world has just been revealed by Harper’s Bazaar.

Coming in at first place is none other than the well-known Bondi Sands 1 Hour Express Tanning Foam, and we may or may not be adding this to our online shopping basket to test out as we speak. 

The one-step tanning mousse has become the best-selling fake tan in the world (except for in North America).

The tan works by providing an instant deep tan within 60 minutes (meaning you don’t have to leave it on all night and watch your bed sheets turn brown), after which you can wash it off or allow to develop for a couple more hours.

And the best part? It smells like coconuts!

You can get your hands on it in Boots for €24.99, or in a few different pharmacies around the country.

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