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10th Jan 2019

The 10 Fitness Instagrams You Should Be Following This January

Alan Fisher

Getting your ass into shape in January is tough but it’s definitely made easier if you follow a few fitness influencers.

Not only will looking at their incredible physiques guilt you into working out and eating better, but they also share some really valuable tips on their pages.

Here are a few to give a follow:

1. Niamh Cullen

Out of nowhere, Niamh has taken over the fitness game on Instagram and for good reasons. She shares some really good tips and her active lifestyle will give you the kick you need. She’s also very bubbly and definitely worth a follow this Jan.

2. Eoin Costelloe

This young man not only has the body of a Greek god but also helps people in a bit of a niche area. He has Type 1 diabetes and shares some good insights and tips for living and working out with it. Even if you don’t have diabetes, he is a great follow for some inspiration.

3. Roz Purcell

Another lady who has taken it to another level this year, sharing loads of tips on food and really good workouts you can follow at home. She also began ‘Hike Life’, where she takes on different trails around the country and wants you to participate. Have a look at the schedule here.

4. Rob Lipsett

Can’t really write a piece like this without including the father of #irishfitfam. I don’t need to say too much but he will definitely give you the boost you need. Especially with his 100 holidays a year, it will make you want to be speedo ready for your first sun getaway.

5. Sian Walton

If you’re like me and trying to grow them glutes out, look no bloody further. Sian is the queen of glutes and will share some incredible exercises on how to work on them. I do them every night and hopefully soon, I can stop stuffing my back pockets with socks. Thanks Sian.

6. Martin Guilfoyle

Marty is great to follow if you’re a vegetarian. He is quite clearly in ridiculous shape and I find it hard that it’s just from munching on broccoli. Either way, he shares some good veggie recipes and tough workouts.

7. Sarah Godfrey

I made sure to keep Sarah a few spaces down from Mr. Lipsett, just to give them some space, okay? But in all seriousness, she is in great shape and will make you want to hit the gym.

8. Peter Stringer

This isn’t just because he is on Dancing With The Stars, I swear. Although, if you manage to match him step for step on Sunday nights, I’m sure you’ll lose a few pounds. The main reason to give him the follow is because of the workouts he shares on Insta – I dare you to try his ab ones.

9. Zoe Whelan

Again, Zoe shares some pretty badass workouts that she does and following them will definitely help you get in better shape.

10. Steffan Fusco

This man is one of the top personal trainers in Dublin and has worked with some of the best talent around like Ms. Godfrey, Thalia and Shauna Lindsey. I think he knows what he’s doing.

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