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28th Feb 2022

Galway bar launches ‘facemask amnesty’ to mark the lifting of mask restrictions

Katy Thornton

bar face masks pint

A mask can now be exchanged for a pint – if that’s not a full circle moment, I don’t know what is.

With the requirement for face masks in most settings ending as of today, 28th February, you might be wondering what to do with all the ones you accrued in the last two years. Sure, you’ll need them in healthcare settings, and for international travel, and maybe it’ll be handy to hold onto one or two, should the need arise. But if you’re like me, you’ve built up quite the stash since the mandate came in; so what to do with them? Frame them as a memory, sew them into a blanket as an heirloom?

Well, if you picked up one of the custom made “Pints?” face masks from The Blue Note Bar in Galway, you can exchange it for a creamy pint.

They took to Instagram to thank everyone who purchased one of these face masks through their Blue Goat hopShop, and provided an ideal use for them now that the mandate as come to an end. If the question is “pints?” then that’s exactly what they will provide if you bring your mask along.

Ireland is healing people, Ireland is healing.

Header image via Instagram/bluenotebargalway

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