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13th Nov 2017

Here’s How Long It Really Takes To Lose Ten Pounds

Megan Cassidy

Weight loss is not something people are generally very patient about. 

The mere thought of months and months of gruelling exercise and a miserable diet is enough to have us reaching for the doughnuts, but new research indicates that a body transformation needn’t take very long at all.

In fact, 90 percent of people on weight loss plans will lose the weight in under 13 weeks, with the average dieter shedding ten libbies in just seven! 

This is according to data collected by fitness app Lose It!, whose founder emphasised that while having a benchmark is great, everyone moves at their own pace. 

Beth Warren said: “There are calculations to predict the calorie deficit needed for someone to lose a pound of weight. However in reality, people lose weight as different rates.

“It’s not the rate of weight loss that matters, per se.

“It’s the sustainability of the weight loss.”

But how do you make sure the weight doesn’t creep back on? Warren says it’s all down to tracking your behaviour. 

She added: “By keeping a food log, it keeps you on track to notice when you are allowing yourself too many less healthful choices or bigger portions too often.” 

So there you go – still plenty of time to get fighting fit before the new year! 

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